This is NOT a Drill!

Saturday, January 13, 2018 8:07 am…getting an alert on on smart devices:


You cannot imagine the fear, loss and anxiety I felt all at once. I immediately called my daughter to get her to come home NOW (she was five minutes away). Made the decisive move:

  1. to leave mom in bed, asleep (she’ll die “peacefully” asleep).
  2. Call my children in San Diego, CA and McKinney, TX (no lines open)
  3. Call my husband (cannot make the call)
  4. Sit and not go anywhere


Where can we go with only 15 minutes to seek shelter? Seriously!

How come the “sirens” aren’t wailing all over the island?

My neighbor, dressed in full military gear packs his entire family and bolts out of their house. Must be real. Another neighbor seen packing their truck. Again, where can you get to in 15 minutes? I’m sure the roads are all at a gridlock.

Where is my daughter????

Coming to terms with my life…my mortality, regrets, highs and lows. Sobering.

I’ll be a ghost. Yay! I can and will travel and visit all my loved ones.

What about my soul? Where will I be going? Fear and trepidation ensues. Did I live this life righteously so to get to heaven? I don’t think so. Fear. Too late. Or is it?

I can pray.

This is NOT a drill!

I’m checking CNN and HLN on the television. Nothing.

It’s been over 15 minutes. We are still here. I hear commercial airplanes overhead. Why not fighter jets?? Aren’t they suppose to “scramble” in times like this? This can’t be right.

Got online. Realizing that it may be a false alarm. Thinking…our President is an idiot! He did this with his antagonistic, arrogant and racist ways.

38 minutes later….


In 38 minutes I saw my life in such a different way. It was the jolt I needed to wake up and get my head out of my ass.

More later.


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